Dive into a new way of living

The Ambassador’s Suites

Step inside the Ambassador’s Suite building, the next generation of living and working. Where you become an ambassador of a new way of living with a luxury hotel experience. 

These apartments invite a new way of living — where you can enjoy services on demand and a 24/7 reception at your disposal, or opt-out of services whenever you want. Every apartment complex will be made with facilities based on the needs of the future residents giving you the possibility to shape the apartment complex you and other residents want to live in. State-of-the-art amenities and facilities save you the time, money and hassle of running around town, freeing your time to start living like never before. Since every apartment complex comes fully equipped with everything you need for daily living right on site, they become relaxed islands in an urban environment; your oasis in city life.  

Three models that combine innovation, personalization and sustainibility

The apartment complexes can be personalized to the wishes of the future residents and there are three base models that can be selected. With the Ambassador’s Suites configurator the future residents are in control to configure their own apartment and the amenities in the hub to tailor it to their needs and wishes. After the configurator is filled in we make a match between likeminded future residents to create sustainable communities. 


Saba is an apartment complex that emphasizes light with roof-top terraces and seamlessly blending into the environment with it sleek design. Saba is the smallest model with only one floor that can easily integrate into urban or rural environments. This model is perfect for small communities or families/friends that want to live together.

Suitable for: 1 to 39 Apartments
Advisable for: Small communities, company employees, friends and/or family living together. 


Aruba features the roof-top terraces on every floor that emphasizes light during all types of weather. They give an added sense of privacy from neighbors while preserving private outdoor space. Aruba consist out of three floors and with the size can fit perfect for urban and rural environments.  

Suitable for:  19 to 79 Apartments
Advisable for:Small communities or housing corporations


Bonaire has over-hanging balconies on every floor that will keep you dry during all types of weather and the top floor has a rooftop balcony for all the residents. Featuring more facilities compared to the other apartment complexes and more suited for bigger cities or dense urban environments and can stand alone or fit easily between buildings.

Suitable for: 19 to 79+ apartments.
Advisable for:  Large communities or housing corporations and companies that want to house their employees. 

Powered by technology

From the configuration of the apartment complexes, to the selling, building, implementing and actual use of the services in every apartment complex everything will be powered by technology. With certain elements that will make us of AI and a data driven approach that will reduce costs, make it more personalized for the residents and save time in all the processes. In the beginning the configuration and building will be done through building management systems. The future residents will be matched via AI and their wishes will be used to personalize every apartment complex. Via the Ambassador’s Suites app the residents can with one press on a button opt-in or opt-out to certain amenities that can be delivered on demand in the apartment complexes. The focus is on using technology to tailor the wishes of the residents but there is always a possibility to have a personal approach over the phone to the reception or in person.

Partner with Ambassador’s Suites

The Ambassador’s Suites approach is suitable for other new and existing buildings by tailoring our software and units that it can fit other projects. By partnering with the Ambassador’s Suites we can fit in every process to make buildings more sustainable and a place where residents can personalize their wishes. Easily upgrade existing buildings or give an individualized touch to new projects. From housing corporations to contractors we can deliver optimized results that will enhance any project.

Welcome to the Ambassador’s suites complex

The reception is one of the first point of entrances that visitors or residents will see once they enter the complex. The reception will be 24/7 staffed for questions or reservations of amenities.

Open community spaces

Every apartment complex has light hallways that are big enough to have seats, plants and even an extension of the restaurant and kindergarten or library. Every apartment complex has a restaurant and the division of the residents determines if there will be a kindergarten, a library or something else in the other communial space. These spaces are open for visitors and residents. It’s possible to have a combination of living, working, communiting and leisure in the same building without leaving the complex. This would save a lot of time in commuting while having a sense of separation between your appartment and your work or leisure area. The possibilities in the complex makes it easy to save time and money in not buying these things separately.

Impression appartment

This example is the design and layout of the studio version. Every apartment can be modified to the needs of the future residents, there are a few basic necessities that every apartment has like a bedroom, shower, toilet and living room but this can be modified on demand. Every apartment will be planned and designed with the wishes and needs in mind of the future residents. There are a couple of different apartment layouts which can be changed on demand. These four models are examples how the units can be customized. It’s possible to change the layout of the apartment that fits your need with our configurator.


    • 29,1 m2 total space 
    • 1 bedroom + glass shower 
    • 1 living room with small kitchen
    • separate toilet


    • 58,2 m2 total space
    • 29,1 m2 balcony
    • 1 or 2 bedrooms with glass showers 
    • 1 living room with small kitchen 
    • 2 separate toilets


    • 72,75 m2 total space
    • 2 or 3 bedrooms
    • 1 bedroom with glass shower
    • 1 living room with small kitchen
    • 1 separate bathroom
    • 2 separate toilets


    • 87,30 m2 total space
    • 58,20 m2 rooftop balcony
    • 1 living room with small kitchen
    • 2 bedrooms
    • separate shower
    • 2 separate toilets

Our team

We started this project because we want to live in a hub ourselves. This ambition has grown into a team with experts in their field that turns every project from Ambassador’s Suite into a success:

Guido Terhorst


Jorian Bos


Luba Molodikova



Head design


Interior design



Contact Ambassador’s Suites

Are you interested in living in these apartment complexes or partnering with Ambassador’s Suites, fill in our contact form and we will sent you more information about our company. We can also help you in visualizing and realizing your dreams if you want to start your own apartment complex. 


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